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Positioning for Back Labor

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Posterior or “sunny side up” presentations are where baby faces front & may cause back labor. Here are a few options to manage that discomfort:

• Lay right on the edge of the bed/couch with belly hanging over

• Make sure bottom leg is straight and shoulders/hips are stacked

• Support hip so they don’t fall off the bed

• Take top leg and hang it heavily off the bed, stretching the top hip

• Hip squeezes, counter pressure on lower back/sacrum

• Rebozo sifting

• Belly lift and tuck (either with hands or tying rebozo around belly)

• Asymmetric and forward-leaning positions

• Inversions: With support so you don’t get light headed and fall, walk your hands down so knees are on sofa, elbows on floor (or put elbows on foot of hospital bed and slowly lower the foot) SIDELYING RELEASE (Make sure to do both sides evenly)

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