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Packages & Classes

I offer a variety of doula packages and birth classes for expecting mothers. I help families familiarize themselves with the birthing process and what they should expect. You will receive personalized support for the journey into and through parenthood. Take a look at the different private and group packages below, all of which are available on a sliding scale for families who inquire and qualify.

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Postpartum Support

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Postpartum Education

In postpartum education we will cover your many choices and what to expect during the first few hours of postpartum time and how to maximize the first few hours of bonding. There will be many variations of how everyone experiences these first couple hours with their baby, especially for those with medically complex needs, or those who have to visit the NICU. We will discuss how to care for newborns, as a good basic guide for the first few weeks.

Postpartum Doula Services

We will work together to figure out the best postpartum support plan for your family. A few examples of postpartum support include:

  • Post-cesarean section care

  • Pampering Mom as she recovers from delivery

  • Caring for baby

  • Giving the new parents time and space to sleep (either at home or in the hospital)

  • Breastfeeding support and guidance

  • Guidance for newborn care

  • Helping older siblings adjust to new baby and teaching them how to best support mom and baby

  • Baby-wearing instruction

  • Very light housework and meal prep

  • Companionship

Packages: Birth Classes

Labor and Delivery Education

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Childbirth Education

This is not your average childbirth education class- utilizing the teaching platform of Motherboard Birth, you will experience how collaborative your birth experience can be! We will cover the basics of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. It is my goal to have families move through birth informed and empowered, respectfully supported by their care team. I believe that it’s vitally important that parents understand physiological birth and know that they have options and the autonomy to make informed decisions.

Parent Coaching

I provide personalized coaching for all pregnancy, birth, postnatal, baby care, & family relationship transitions. A few of the many topics that can be covered are prenatal and postnatal advice, planning & goal setting, tackling developmental challenges by age and development, as well as transition counseling and post-birth processing.

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Basic Labor & Delivery Doula Package

Let's pull together to give you the best possible experience you can have during your perinatal journey! I will provide social, emotional, physical and educational support throughout your pregnancy, labor, & postpartum.

*2 Childbirth Education Classes

*On- Call Labor and Delivery support through two hours postpartum

*One postnatal in home visit

*Additional resources and referrals

Comprehensive Labor & Delivery Doula Package

*4 Childbirth Education Classes
*On-call labor and Delivery support through two hours postpartum
*2 Postpartum Education classes
*2 postnatal in home visits
*Resources and referrals

Packages: Birth Classes

Have questions or not sure what you need on your motherhood journey?

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