Additional Resources

Here are further resources to guide you on your journey into parenthood. The more you know, the better you can self-advocate for yourself & your partner. Knowledge is power!


Educational Videos

Video Playlist

From conception through postpartum health & healing, this playlist of videos covers many of the topics you may want to consider as you piece together your birth plan and prepare for life with your newborn(s).


Choosing a Care Provider

Podcast Playlist

Choosing who you will have providing care for you and your unborn child(ren) is an important decision directly influencing the likelihood of a variety outcomes for your care. As you listen you will learn more about choosing the right doctor or midwife for you, at times changing providers, and the experiences of other couples finding a practitioner that fits their birth philosophy.


Chiropractic Care

Podcast Playlist

Covering both experiential and evidence based practices of chiropractic care, this playlist will be beneficial to expectant & postpartum mothers, and their newborns.



Podcast Playlist

Brand new parents and experienced parents alike will benefit from this breastfeeding podcast. These episodes cover tips, experiences, and resources for nursing and apsiring-to-breastfeed parents.


Birth Plan

Podcast Playlist

What do you want to experience for labor and delivery ? Do you know what routine care or interventions you want to avoid? There are many choices to be made, and this playlist will help you start thinking through those decisions as you begin to make your birth plan.


Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VABC)

Podcast Playlist

Have you had one or more c-section deliveries and desire a vaginal delivery the next time around? Learn in this playlist from midwives, doctors, and other mothers about the risks, benefits, and experienecs of a VBAC delivery.


Water Birth

Podcast Playlist

Water birth is not just for mermaids! Learn about the benefits, evidence based practices, and experiences of others that surround waterbirth in this playlist.



Podcast Playlist

This playlist covers the benefits, evidence, and experiences of acupuncture surrounding pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Learn why acupuncture could be helpful for your prenatal and postpartum care!



Podcast Playlist

Carrying both benefits and risks, learn why some mothers chose to forgo an epidural and why others opt for having one. You will hear from mothers, doctors, midwives, and doulas in this playlist on epidural use in labor and delivery.



Podcast Playlist

Sex in the prenatal and postpartum periods- this is a podcast playlist on what you need to know, might want to ask, and didn't realize was worth discussing in regards to sex and early parenthood.