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How to Use a Doula During a Pandemic

With the current state of the world, and all the shutdowns due to covid-19, most doulas are not able to provide the traditional doula support services. It totally sucks for all involved, but it’s going to help keep you, your family, your new baby, and your wonderful doula safe and healthy.

So what can you do instead? How can you have the support of a doula without actually having a doula physically present?

For the birth

Write a birth plan with your doula. Over the phone, or over video chat, talk about your birth wishes. Your doula will be able to go over all your options for your birth, and provide suggestions on ways to get the support that a doula would otherwise be providing in person. For example, adding to your birth plan several laboring position options and how your partner can help you with them.

Video call your doula while in labor. Not sure about what your OB just said? Need some help getting labor started naturally? Wanting to find a new position to labor in? Your doula can help you with all these things via video. Call your doula in early labor to fill her in on what’s happening and get some good advice on getting started. Then you can always call back, or your party can call, when you are needing some extra support or encouragement.

For postpartum

Plan ahead! There is so much to be said about setting yourself up for success before the baby is here. Having a plan for postpartum is the best way to ensure you will get the support you need to be able to rest, recover and focus on nurturing your new baby. Make a plan for groceries, meals, chores, visitors, rest, self care, your relationship, feeding baby, emotional support, parental leave and more.

Still need more support postpartum? Call, or even text, your doula and get the help you need virtually. Your doula can still offer judgement free listening and talk you through parenting decisions, baby care basics, your emotional needs, breastfeeding tips, postpartum healing questions and more.

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